When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s a simple matter to create content that communicates that passion to your audience.

But framing that content within a website is another story.

Creating and managing a website is a highly specialized task. It involves keeping abreast of ever-changing technologies to ensure that your content is readable on a variety of devices. A website maintainer must also be aware of the latest security issues to protect online assets.

With a content management system, or CMS for short, all that changes.

What is a CMS?

A content management system provides a simple way to manage the content on your website.

A CMS allows a regular user to create pages and update content without knowing how to code. It facilitates collaboration by centralizing content in an online database.

But it doesn’t stop there. A CMS can be customized to a great degree with templates, plugins and extensions. You can fine-tune both the front end and back end of your website to streamline the content creation process and provide a superior reader experience.

Here are the key advantages you’ll enjoy when you manage your website with a content management system.

Create and modify content at the click of a button

As you might guess from the name, a content management system helps you create and modify content. This content could be a blog entry, a landing page, or even a knowledge repository like a wiki.

With the right CMS on hand, you can effortlessly add the content that serves your needs. You can format text, add images, and moderate user-generated content such as comments.

And no coding knowledge is required. A typical CMS offers a back end interface that allows complete customization and utility in a visual, easy-to-understand package.

Enjoy effective and productive collaboration

It is crucial for professionals to be able to collaborate quickly and easily. A content management system enables effective online collaboration in a multitude of ways.

With a CMS, content is stored in a centralized place on the internet. This gives all stakeholders access, and prevents issues that arise when multiple copies of content are passed back and forth via email.

Content can be saved as a draft and versioned to track progress on its creation over time. Edits are organized by user, allowing everyone to easily see who added what, and when.

All of this takes place behind the scenes. Drafted content is hidden away from public view, and only visible on your website once published. This gives content creators the flexibility to address the needs of their audience.

Localize content to meet your audience’s needs

It is more important than ever before to meet your audience where they are.

According to Common Sense Advisory, 90% of users will only visit webpages in their native language when available. And 72.1% spend most or all of their time on native-language websites.

A content management system makes it a simple matter to localize content for the end user. It can detect the user’s language and location, and automatically serve content targeted to them.

This helps you retain market share with segments that you may overlook without the sophisticated localization that a CMS can provide.

Improved security at a fraction of the effort

A secure website is more important than ever. Every day, new security flaws are discovered in a variety of technologies that make up the modern web.

It’s difficult for even a specialist to keep track of all the changes and updates that are constantly required. And if you ignore security, your online assets will be at risk.

A content management system is the solution to maintaining website and server security. A CMS may provide automatic updates, or reminders for when it’s time to update.

It will also ensure that your back end and front end are duly separated. Different users can have different permissions, allowing some users editing or administration access, while restricting that access for other users.

Explore the potential of a CMS for your website

You won’t believe how simple it is to maintain your website, when you have the right CMS in your pocket.

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